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Why don't I find the EPFL EMBA program in MBA ranking lists? 

A minimum of 50 students per class is required to allow an MBA program to enter an international ranking. Our program will never be this size, as we insist upon having classes specifically designed for highly personalized one-to-one interactions (max. of 36 students per year).

A high-impact EMBA program at one of the world's most vibrant technology institutions

The EPFL EMBA focuses on providing a bridge between the technology strength of EPFL and the international business community. Our hands-on approach combines innovative thinking with strategic management skills. We equip participants to lead a tech-oriented workforce, foster a culture of innovation and lead businesses from ideas to commercialization.

The EMBA is designed to provide managers and executives a fully-accredited MBA curriculum while at the same time focusing on how to identify, encourage, and support innovative activity with the intent of generating value for their organizations. 

Our lecturers include not only academic experts in innovation and business domains, but also industry experts who bring their vast, practical knowledge base into the classroom. Our in-person class sessions are designed to be as dynamic and impactful as possible.

An MBA is only for people who are aspiring to become a CEO someday, right?

No, and our program is not designed for that goal. It meets different sets of expectations, and all of them allow our MBA participants to access new levels of success.

  • You are recognized as a good manager, but are you frustrated not to be involved at the strategic decision-making level of your company?
  • You are feeling uninspired in your current position, but have the ambition to progress in your field?

What is the main difference between the EPFL EMBA and other EMBA program in the region?

Most other MBA programs are highly theoretical and work on things such as corporate acquisition strategies or tax optimization, whereas the EPFL EMBA works to give the innovative manager an overview of how multiple disciplines can be harnessed together to enhance the innovative potential of the firm..

What are the typical missions that the EPFL MBA enables me to accomplish in the future?

The EPFL-EMBA Curriculum 2022-2023

Launching New Ventures

Creativity & Ideation

Innovation Strategy
Business Model Innovation
Principles of Accounting
Marketing & New Product Development

IP Strategy
Business Law
Managerial Finance

Corporate & Innovation Strategy
Presentation Skills
Digital Transformation

Global Economics
Organizational Dynamics

Corporate & Personal Branding
IT Strategy

International Business Mgt.
Economics of Innovation
Supply Chain & Operations Management

CSR & Organizational Ethics
System Thinking for Complex Problem Solving
Digital Business Workshop
Change Management
Strategic Decision-Making
Executing & Securing Sales

The EPFL EMBA experience in action: a look at the 2019 welcome week

The value of the EPFL EMBA is far greater than a cumulative learning of online modules: you study in an ultimate learning environment, exchange with professors from leading-edge industry and gain a unique professional network.

Did you know? EPFL is ranked world #2 in the 2019 Young University Rankings

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Discover the longest running European EMBA focused on innovation management

I am very interested, but am I eligible for the EPFL EMBA?

Our EMBA program is intended for experienced professionals with an international background and a recognized University degree, for example, in Business, Engineering, Law Humanities, Basic or Life Sciences.

A minimum of 5 years work experience is required. Send us your LinkedIn profile and we will give you a quick (and free) assessment.

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In this fast-paced world where new technologies and practices such as machine learning and digital transformation promise to be either a disruption or an opportunity, Innovation Management is the strategic key to remaining competitive.

To drive growth in this increasingly dynamic and interconnected business world, leaders must harness innovation while speaking the languages of both business and the technologies that support it.

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3 seats left for August 2020 intake


Months part-time program


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Our EMBA team is happy to answer all your questions!

Marc Gruber
Academic Director

Tilo Peters
Executive Director

Roxane Stanford
Program Coordinator

Applications for August 2022 now open!

Eugene de Groot
Head of Executive Education

Yasmina Volet
Digital Learning Manager

Your EMBA at a glance:

Duration: 16 months / 39 weekdays
Fridays & Saturdays, 1 work day every 2 weeks
Located on EPFL campus Lausanne
Price: 49'000 CHF

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Getting to know each other is a crucial part of the program. 

Participants will not only share the joys and challenges of this program for 16 months, but will also learn from each other. To facilitate this, and to launch straight into the first modules, the program kicks off with a 7 day intensive week. 

At the end of the program, our participants meet in South Africa, to combine and apply all the learnings in a practical setting, and work with  a young, dynamic company or organization in the Cape Town area, to help solve a current business challenge facing the company. 

This allows them to experience how diverse cultural influences impact businesses.

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